Brent Mitton

After receiving a degree in philosophy from an English university in 1972 I did the only honourable thing and took refuge in the Canadian backwoods.  After fifteen years as a carpenter I took a psychotherapy training and have since made a living as a psychotherapist and teacher, co-founding the Transpersonal Therapy Centre of Toronto where for twenty years I taught transpersonal therapy skills.

The real story, however, is that what Zen calls ‘the great matter of life and death’ gripped me as a child and never let me go.  This took me on a journey through philosophy, entheogens, Zen meditation and intimate encounters with unseen energies and principalities which, while we explain them away with our reductionisms, the wisdom traditions have always recognized as among the hidden intelligences and shapers of reality.

Now in my sixties I continue to do this strange work that has been both the consequence and catalyst of these experiences.  I see no end to this work, devoted as it is to the awakening and liberation of all beings, and I enjoy immensely the magic in it and the company of those who are similarly engaged.

For those interested in a personal session but located elsewhere I am now available on Skype.  Please click here to contact me.

Danielle Astor

I completed my training at the Transpersonal Therapy Centre in 2008 integrating my love and devotion to Movement as a Spiritual Path, weaving in many years of Five Rhythm practices with African and Native dance   .

My work dances around the premise that the Body is Home to a forest of Wisdom and when we give space to our Body Being we allow for the unconscious to emerge and move beyond the tight and habitual control of our Head. I also believe that the space between two people is a powerful source of healing. My work always involves the invitation to move with each other and explore the energy and healing that lies in this relationality. The essence of this practice and of my work lies in the deepening of our potential for deep bliss and joy!

Sharon Holloway

Over 25 years ago I had a dream in which I was told ‘seek and you will find’.  It was one of those dreams from which one awakens immediately, in awe of what was given from the interior depths.  It marked the deepening of a soul-longing in me that could never be satisfied by the external circumstances of my life.

In 2002, in the second year of a 3 year soul development program offered by the Transpersonal Therapy Centre, I experienced an irrevocable turning of my heart that rooted in me a steadfast commitment to self-transcendence.  All seeking then led me deep into my own psyche and my very human heart in a process that confronted, and ultimately stripped away, my concepts and beliefs about my self, about others, and about God as Love.

I have learned the truth of Carl Jung’s statement that “we are in the deepest sense the victims and instruments of cosmogonic love” by plumbing the depths of my psyche, by growing intimate with heartbreak and the capacity of the heart to take on a quality and depth of compassion seemingly not possible except through the experience of heartbreak, and by delving into the realms of consciousness through a committed meditation practice.

A graduate of the Living Spirit Program (2003) and the Transpersonal Therapy Skills Program (2007) offered through the TTC and a certified Spiritual Director (2012), I am dedicated to supporting authentic ‘being’ and serving cosmogonic Love in the world.