“How do I even begin to describe the monumental shifts, the drastic change of perception of reality and heart that has occurred over the years being involved with Brent and this community.  How can I write what it means to be altogether lost in the dark maze of human conditioning, barely coping to find some ground, meaning and reason for this life on earth, only to begin to see a way through into Love and Understanding.  I didn’t realize how far I had drifted into the dissociative illusion of pain and suffering caused by trauma and how much I was pretending to live.  I also knew I no longer had the privilege of just floating through life, either blissing out or hiding in the dark.  There was a deep yearning that started to awaken in me and the pressure of it was so acute I knew that if I didn’t do something about it I wouldn’t survive.  I needed a safe place, love and support to be held in if I was to begin to sincerely and seriously deepen my spiritual practice, grow up and awaken.  Through the intense training program, the numerous silent retreats, the various workshops and groups that are offered, and Brent’s and the community’s constant, consistent patience and love, I began to unravel my own mystery by repeatedly accepting and surrendering to the power of what IS and Love.  It is the only place in the world that I know of that holds up a crystal clear mirror for you to see who you REALLY are in relationship to yourself, others, and the Divine with unconditional love and acceptance.  This is no part-time process.  This is not a place to be confluent, correct and perfect. This isn’t a community to bliss out in, hide in, be lazy or to think that you can awaken by picking and choosing what you “think” you need to change.  This is a 24/7, every breath, extremely profound practice that leads you through your darkest depths into the Truth of Love.  This is a process that demands respect and is to be taken sincerely and seriously if you want to truly transcend egoity and awaken.  This is a safe place to dance with the dark and unite with the light of Love. If it were not for Brent and this community I would still be adrift, pretending to live and be happy while drowning in misery and pain.  I am utterly indebted and bow in deep, deep reverence for the richness of relationships, gifts of beauty, magic and clarity that I have and continue to receive through Brent and the community.”

J. R., 2009 Graduate

“I graduated from the  Transpersonal Therapy Centre in 1997, and continually appreciate the width and breadth of my 3 years there. Working as a therapist for the last 15 years, and going to many many workshops and conferences, as well as discovering from colleagues and clients, that the training and  spiritual guidance that I received from Brent and Moira, was very comprehensive, and that the guidance that I received was solid in enabling me to do deep, practical, excellent work as a psychotherapist. I would highly recommend that anyone interested in mind, body and spirit awareness and expansion look at the possibility of working with Brent and the TTC.  The level of authenticity, integrity and spiritual awareness, is phenomenal and there is a deep commitment to providing a place for searchers to find their true authentic selves. This work is leading edge and at the front of human development on the planet right now.

I believe we are at a very interesting period in time. The amount of change that is happening in global consciousness is accelerated right now, and we are very very fortunate to have Brent here in Toronto Ontario.  Using the well respected perennial philosophy, meditation and many other cutting edge methods, I invite you to leap forward, with the guidance of Brent.

(I didn’t want to get too mushy, but Brent, looking back on my life, you have really been a huge influence. Ohh I am getting teary. I mention your name often to my clients. You showed me that it is ok to be real, to be human, to have power, to be vulnerable and open, to yield my sword and be fierce (this is a work in progress) but I still think of you as I have become a warrior. Really when I think of it, so many of the lessons and examples that you gave me, I am still in the process of letting them unfold within me. WOW, just realized, LIFE is such a unfolding process. I am everything. It is really ok to be me. To love me.  I love you so much. Thank you for the very rich experience and sharing that you gave me….way back when. I am in awe…still…and gratitude. Lots of love”

M.Y., Graduated ‘97

“I came to you, Brent,  doubtful whether I belonged at the TTC  and you asked me why I had come.  I replied that I had read a TTC recommended book; Eva Pierrakos’  “Pathways to Self-Transformation” and wanted to know more and…I said I wanted to learn how to love;  you said I had come to the right place.

While at the TTC I experienced a freedom of spirit and mind and body that I would have said was not possible for me.  I learned to feel with my heart, dance with my soul and love unconditionally.  I made friends that opened my heart and loved me in return simply because I was myself. I learned to love myself and, in turn, to love the people in my life.  I am now in a committed, positive relationship which I don’t think I would have been able to sustain without the skills and experiences I had through the TTC.  I can’t overstate the spiritual and emotional benefits I derived from my time with you and Moira.  Thank you”


“When I began my time at the TTC my life was in somewhat of a shambles. Through the myriad experiences, both spiritual and otherwise, during my 4 years there and since, I’ve come to a place in my life that I’ve never known.  My relationships with family, friends and others have been entirely transformed for the better. My approach to life and love is one of acceptance, joy and peace.

I feel like I’ve found my true home. And the most surprising part is that I’ve realized it was here in my own heart, all along.”

A.C., Graduated 2012

“Ah, the TTC…

I am forever grateful for being introduced to the TTC program – and as is often the case, at just the right time in my life.

It was, and continues to be, a perfect venue for being encouraged to ask myself the questions, rather than being provided with someone else’s answers – what more can I want?

The combination of weekly group meetings and silent retreats is instrumental for me to get out of my no-longer-interesting shell, and into a place of trust and contact with others, and a more honest living with myself.

Difficult? yes!

Rewarding? yes!

Worthwhile? yes!”


“The TTC development program has opened my eyes and my heart, allowing me to see and touch deeper into my own nature with acceptance and love. This has given me the ability to embody these feelings, and share it with the people in my life and the people I encounter at many levels, which makes my life enriching and fulfilling, thank you for this invaluable gift”


“My first association with the TTC was my participation in a program called Living Spirit which was a collaborative offering between the centre and Lucinda Vardey (God in All Worlds).  Living Spirit was a 3 year soul-development program which enabled me to build a strong foundation of both knowledge and experiential evidence regarding the spiritual process of becoming authentically one’s Self.  At some point in the second year of that program I experienced an irrevocable turning of my heart that brought me into a deep commitment to self-transcendence.  This commitment, in turn, gave rise to the need to do the intense inner work from which no-one serious about the spiritual life is exempt. The 3 year Transpersonal Psychotherapy Skills Training program offered by the centre was the vehicle through which I did much of that inner work.  I am sincerely grateful to the centre’s founders and teachers for the deep capacities of their hearts to offer and hold sacred space for me throughout those 6 years, and for their serious intent in helping the participants of their programs ripen into wholeness and holiness.  I believe that the latest offering by the centre blends the most important components of what I experienced in two distinct programs into a unified psycho-spiritual approach that honours the integrity of our human ‘being’.”