In order to penetrate into the heart of the human condition – which we take to be a necessary condition for this work – we use some old and some new methods.

We combine human potential modalities and therapeutic skills developed in recent times with spiritual and meditative disciplines developed over centuries.  We bring together depth psychology and somatic and body techniques and incorporate these into the path of awakening of the wisdom traditions.

We present these in the spirit of:  practice these methods – which have proven to work – and you will discover who you really are.

This is what we have done (we folk here).  But more importantly, there is a Grace.

The Heart (meaning the Living Heart of Reality) is the context of this program and it has shaped the evolution of it.  This is the flow of heart transmission.  We are working, then, with a shakti-force.

This makes this training both unique and universal at the same time.  We have been told that there is nothing else like it.  On the other hand it is simply the Way.  It is the Way and practice of spiritual realization as it self-reveals in the human heart.

This is what we are doing here . . . and the training is for those who are called to do this work also . . .