The Bodhisattva Program

On the one hand the term ‘bodhisattva’ refers to a purely spiritual or non-local being, an immaterial emanation of enlightenment and compassion.  On the other hand a human being is a ‘bodhisattva’ if they have so deepened in heart and consciousness that they embody those spiritual qualities and have grown beyond egocentricity.

This is what is meant by ‘realization’.  It is the integration of the world-transcending reality of our true liberated nature with our bodily human condition, which of course continues to be subject to birth and death and all the rest of it . . .

The Bodhisattva Program is in alignment with the wisdom traditions, but what is ‘unusual’ about this approach is that it is in the context of the activated heart-field . . .

Fundamentally we are training as heart transmitters and the training is oriented to the initiation, activation and facilitation of heart transmission.  Once our heart is spiritually activated this enhances any work that we choose to do, as well as our relationships altogether . . .  It is a deeply spiritual, whole body, or tantric process . . . a cosmic process.  It is a demanding encounter with powerful energies and we should be prepared for the demands of it.

There is a spiritual law and it becomes increasingly apparent as we move deeper into heart-realization: if we are to encounter the Heart of Existence we must be prepared to encounter ourselves.

This program should be understood as a central component of the work we are doing in the Heart School.

It takes the form of weekly evenings, with weekends every few weeks.  Some of these weekends are in the city and some are residential weekends outside the city.

It is possible to attend the evenings without attending all the weekends and also to attend weekends without attending the evenings.

Participants will have access to the other groups and practices that make up the whole mandala of training, all of which are in the context of the heart-process.  In this way each person can select a program best suited to their level of involvement.

The weekly meetings take place on Monday evenings from 7.00-9.30pm a few steps from the Greenwood/Danforth subway station.

For further info, or to express interest in this program: contact Brent