The New Program is predicated on these premises:

1 – Bodily existence is a threatened condition.

2 – Beginning at birth a unique ‘self’ is formed in consciousness, an accruing of organismic and psychological defenses based on the combination of whatever native and environmental factors are given in our born circumstances.  The patterning of this self-adaptation then in turn shapes the events we encounter in life.  Call it a feedback loop . . . call it karma . . .

3 – Collectively humans inhabit a world of fear and appetite largely formed by these unconscious adaptations.  We call this psychic miasma ‘society’.

4 – From the point of view of ultimate reality, these socially structured worlds are all ‘lies’, collective dreamscapes built up on a child creature’s fears and reactivities, direct reflections of layered psychic armour protecting the original native innocence shining from an infant’s eyes.

5 – Whilst human society feeds on and exploits this fearful condition with a compulsive parade of distractions, entertainments and manipulations with occasional descents into collective madness, eventually old age, injury and mortality assert their primacy and we die.

6 – In the face of this the innocent child must regress or ‘grow up’.

6 – Growing up is necessary for the fulfillment of a human life, but growing up is not enough to deal with mortal threat.  We die anyway.

7 – There has only ever been one real solution to all this (and mortal threat IS the Great Problem) and that is to awaken to our actual original condition.  Awakening to our true self is also the only real solution for the distortions and ills of the false self, the ego.  The ego is the dreamer of lies.  Our true self is the antidote to this, being divine truth-consciousness itself.

8 – As pointed out by the awakened realizers of all ages:  right at this moment exactly as we are, in our true self we are absolutely free of this dire and threatened mortal condition.

9 – To keep growing beyond a mature egoity into the realization of this, our actual condition, we must walk the ancient Way, activate the program of heart-realization and establish it in our cells and bones.  It is not enough to just talk it.  We must walk it.

10 – Fortunately for us – and as continually demonstrated by buddhas and realizers in every age – there is a rock-solid ‘cosmic’ program already built into the human condition that absolutely addresses these issues and all the mortal problems of human existence.

11 – Once this program of heart liberation is consciously activated, then it is simply a matter of coming into right relationship with the Heart in all conditions.  Simple, because the Shakti-force now shows us all the shadows and obstacles in stark relief and the whole process is intensified and quickened and infused.  Not simple because it requires a profound encounter with the false self  that has been formed of threat and reactivity and which is the principle of the ‘world’.

12 – However, with all of this in place, the sadhana of the path is quite straightforward and the stages of it are presented spontaneously:


This is the Way of Heart-realization.

These are the various elements of our program that work in combination to support this Way.  In any combination they provide an intensive program to support awakening:

1 – The Bodhisattva Program

2 – The Silent Retreats

3 – The Practice Groups

4 – Heart Transmission Evenings

5 – The Shakti Groups

6 – Experiential Weekends (in town and out of town)

7 – Other

(This program is supported by the Heart of Existence)

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