The Mystery hidden in ‘Is’

The testament of the wisdom traditions is that the perennial ground-revelation of the awakened sages is perennial . . . because it simply is.

In this very ‘isness’ it simply and always already is.

It is the Truth or Ground or Conscious Being underlying all of the structures of existence.

And – amazingly – an awakened consciousness can realize it for one very simple reason: awakened consciousness is this.

We appear to ourselves as a temporary structure of existence but we are also the root consciousness that underlies this structure.

Because of our very nature as this depth consciousness, and because our individuated structures of consciousness are supported and permeated by it, we are for that very reason capable of directly apprehending it.  This is what is meant by ‘awakening’.

Satchitananda then – which translates as ‘being-consciousness-bliss’ – refers, not to some speculative condition or deity in the sky, but to the actual intimate experience of this, our very own and most intimate source condition awakened to and experienced.