The Way

Abraham Maslow wrote in 1972:

“Self-actualizing people are, without one single exception, involved in a cause outside their own skin, in something outside of themselves. They are devoted, working at something, something which is very precious to them – some calling or vocation in the old sense, the priestly sense.  They are working at something which fate has called them to somehow and which they work at and which they love.”

Amazingly, this simple fact is missed by most of psychology, most of science and most of our modern culture.

How could that be?

Partly because most of science and modern culture is asleep to the deep ‘field’ in which everything functions.

And partly because this simple fact is not quite so simple.

It cannot simply be a matter of being involved in a cause ‘outside our own skin’. It has to be more conscious than that.  The history of humanity is full of ‘crusades’ and ’causes’ in the service of which individuals have been drawn into acts of gruesome self-sacrifice . . .  We must be able to love and go beyond self-interest to be fully actualized . . . but we must be street-smart also.

To be in right orientation to the Heart, to the Truth of existence is – in the phrase of the ancients – to live a life ‘in the Tao’.

To live ‘in the Tao’ in the twenty-first century involves twenty-first century challenges . . . but it also requires the same deep process of self-transcendence and self-realization that the ancient realizers have known.

For some individuals this Way is the only way to live.

This training, then, is for those who see things this way and are ready to take on the challenges of becoming a transmitter of this ancient Way of the Heart.